Sunday, September 14, 2014

Family Legacy

I was rarely successful in coaxing stories about my Dad's early motorcycle exploits out my grandparents. My grandmother did mention he was a fan of doing this from time-to-time but she was clearly not. If memory serves my Dad said doing this was the cause of the fender mounts to be unrepairablly torn out of the stock fender on his 1947 Velocette. My dad bought the spare tire cover off a '36 Ford to fabricate a new fender out of.
It was a nod to both my Grandmother's & my Dad's stories when I opted to run the same style read fender on Olivia.

The mic body I used for a taillight once belonged to my Dad as well. I remember playing with it every once in awhile as a little kid. Flathead Rob actually rescued it out of the trash several years ago.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

1926 Indian OHV Racer

Flathead Rob (I know... It's not a flathead) recently sent me this photo of this bike. This is about as stunning as a bike can get.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ran When Parked

1937 Harley Davidson ULH - This one is cool. 37/38 is pretty much the pentacle style-wise for the post JD HD's in my opinion. I'd make room for this one.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Giordano's Vintage Motors

Flathead Rob and I were in the area so we decided to take a quick look around Giordano's Vintage Motors.  They have some cool stuff but the asking prices always seem pretty high. As a result the shop is effectively a museum. I'm not sure any of the bikes that were there when we stopped last year have sold.

Turbocharged 426 Hemi drag bikw
Strangely bastardized '56 Triumph Thunderbird
BSA Chopper
Just in case the Hemi powered bike wasn't outrageous enough - An Allison  powered one is also available

R Nine T Custom Project

The R Nine T Custom Project has been covered in loads of places over the last couple of weeks but it represents what I love about custom motorcycles. While I'm sure the R Nine T preforms wonderfully esthetic it does nothing for me. So what would it take to make one cool? The R Nine T Project is a well executed attempt by four Japanese custom bike builders to answer just that.

R Nine T in stock dress

Here are the results.

They are all pretty incredible but given base to build on I think the gold is my favorite.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ran When Parked - New Zealand Edition

1941 Indian 741B - It's not everyday I get a "Ran When Parked" suggestion from someone in New Zealand so I pretty much have to post this one. If I'm not mistaken (hopeful the Indian gurus will chime in if I'm wrong) the 741B is the bike Indian built as an attempt to gain the US government contract for motorcycles during WWII. The specs provided called out a 30.50 ci - (500cc), which Indian supplied. Supposedly Harley Davidson concluded what the military really needed was instead a 45 ci (750cc) bike as a 500cc wouldn't provide enough beef to do the job. Ultimately the HD WLD won and the rest is history. The breather on this one certainly suggests a military spec. I've heard the 741B's are in fact pretty anemic from a performance perspective. Assuming the price shown is in US dollars it seems a little pricy to me but I don't really know the Indian market. Maybe rarity justifies the the price.