Monday, August 3, 2015

Sturgis Continued

The Cossacks have been keeping us up-to-date with their Sturgis trip pretty regularly via SMS. Since there are interested parties not receiving or having trouble iewing the SMS updates I thought I'd include them here too.

Lunch in Hamilton, MT. Just beyond lolo Pass
Dillion MT. Likely NOT the Indian's first saloon visit in it's life.
Sunrise in Dillion, MT
Virginia City, MT
Quick breakfast and gas-up in Bozeman
Red Lodge. Bikes outnumber cars about 4 to one
Smith mine, closed after a gas explosion in 1943 that killed about 70 miners
Sitting Bull's shirt, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody WY
Annie Oakley's guns, gloves and trunk
Nearly 1500 miles of the most beautiful country imaginable, and the Seattle Cossacks are about to hit Sturgis for the 75th Black Hills Motorcycle Rally
Greybull Motel. Biker friendly. Maybe
175 miles from Sturgis this construction zone resulted in slow moving bumper to bumper traffic for 16 miles
Sturgis Exit

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sturgis Bound

The Seattle Cossacks just arrived in Sturgis today. If memory serves they are doing two shows and a flaming board crash five days in a row. Wish I was there and I hope all the bikes and riders stay healthy. Best luck to the guys. If you are in Sturgis look them up and say "Hi."

I can't wait to see some photos. I hope all the shows go great!

You know Flathead Rob isn't going to show up at Sturgis on a Road King
Cossacks Caravan

Dirt Quake Limbo

This video has made the rounds but it's too cool not to share. This is so in the spirit of stuff I used to do on a BMX bike.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Dave Hardin - Empire Motorcycles

1953 Triumph Pre-Unit T100 Tiger 500cc National Champion - I'm posting this one primarily for the Pacific Northwest tie in. I hadn't even heard of Empire before. There's a lot of history to know up here.
"I was told... when I heard a Triumph scream like nothing I had ever heard before, that would be Dave Hardin." - Excerpt from Dale Richardson, letter included in memorabilia.

 This machine was built, ridden, and previously owned by National Champion Dave Hardin. Hardin is respected as one of the best Triumph motorcycle race engine builders of the era. In the 1950s and 60s, he owned Empire Motorcycles in Spokane, WA., a Triumph dealer. Dave Hardin and his bikes are legendary in the Pacific Northwest. He built serious competition bikes for hill climbing, quarter mile flat track and cross country racing. The pre-unit T100 seems to be set up for hill climb, but it could also be set up for other types of competition. This is a motorbike that Dave raced and put into storage over 50 years ago. This competition motorcycle has not been changed or modified from the way it was left by Dave.

The T100 sports the rare close-finned alloy head and barrel as well as many custom modifications by Hardin. The Tiger Cub has a very rare oil cooler, alloy front rim, removable swing arm extension and many other modifications. It has not been run since the 1960's but the engine and transmission moves freely. 

This sale also includes memorabilia - A copy of a poster made by Triumph motorcycles celebrating 1st & 2nd place wins on Hardin's machines; a photo of Dave Hardin and Dale Richardson with one of his Triumphs; a letter written by Dale Richardson, Dave's friend and Triumph racer; a 1966 news article about one of Hardin's many victories; a photo given to us by AMA National Champion Joe Kopp, of his father Bob Kopp, competing on one of Hardin's Triumphs; and additional information about him.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disappering Engine

One of my coworkers pointed this out to me earlier this week. It was made as a promotional video for 3M abrasives.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flaming Board Crash

Another photo supplied by Mike Budschat.

This photo was taken at the track in Woodinville, Washington in around 1962. One contributor believes the rider is "Smokey the Stunt Man." His Triumph was named the Old Grey Goat. Mike's Dad Bob brought "Smokey" in for the show.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bob Budschat

Mike Budschat was kind enough to allow me to post some of the family photos of his dad Bob Budschat. Bob was a very successful local racer sponsored and employed by Dewey's Cycle. The Budschat family later opened their own shop selling Ducati, Norton and Velocette. The retained Mike's photo comments as captions.
1957 moving into our new home. May as well take a picture of your trophy collection before you put them inside. This is my Dad, Bob, my Mom, Val and sister Val.
I like this picture. 1955 my Dad Bob on a 500 Matchless twin out front of all the Oregon boys in Salem Oregon. No dust when you're out front.
1957 or 1958. My dad Bob after winning Boise TT.
Not sure what year or which track but a good shot of Bob Budschat on a Triumph
You won't see a race today run with a wood bridge. This the famous Death Head Derby race in Olympia Was. He won it later in 1955.
To the victor go the spoils. Dad pretty much cleaned up with his Ducati in short tracks in the Northwest.

My Dad raced Catalina in 56. He was the first out-of-state rider. I got to go along too. I think my mom supplied the caption.