Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Model T Driving School

For those hot on the hunt for an unusual Christmas gift for that old car buff on your shopping list LeMay Marymount is again offering their Model T Driver's Education Class. I believe Flathead Rob's buddy Mike Conrad is a again signed on as a teacher. It's not exactly cheap but it's probably a once in a lifetime shot for most guys.
A couple of years ago Rob taught Mike to kick start his 1938 HD U in exchange for a Model T hand crank lesson. I hand cranked it and got a ride too. Pretty cool.

If you are a quick self study and already have a Model T at your disposal here's a driving lesson on the same type of roads your great-grandfather drove on.

I remember having to ask Mike several questions about what the individual controls actually do. I don't think I remember enough to steal one if I had to...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

10 Mile National Championship, Richmond, Virginia 1949

Stealing Speed Revisited

I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed a book called Stealing Speed.  I made a fairly lengthy post about it recently.
I've since become a little obsessed with the story. I recently stumbled across this documentary trailer. Unfortunately it looks like the film it promotes never made it off the ground. The trailer is great though.

The BBC did a story on the Degner Defection in 2012 but I cannot find a copy of the recording.
Ernst Degner became dependent on pain killers later in life as a result of racing related injuries. His death may have involved an overdose. Some speculate he committed suicide but there were also persistent rumors his death involved Stasi (German Secret Police) retaliation for his defection. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Royal Imperial Manufacturing

Thanks to English Stephen for passing this one along.

November 1902. This was a 3.5hp diamond-framed motorcycle with the engine in the center and 'springer' front forks, an improvement ahead of its time. The first Rover motorcycle had innovative features such as a spray carburetor, a bottom-bracket engine, and mechanically operated valves. Featuring a strong frame with double front down tubes and a good quality finish, over a thousand Rover motorcycles were sold in 1904.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Spokane Motorcycle Club

From the Spokesman-Review - During the Cold War, when atomic war was front-page news, George Faulders organized members of the Spokane Motorcycle Club into a Civil Defense unit to serve as messengers in case of emergency. Veteran rider Arthur Hitchcock told the Spokesman-Review in 1953 that if a bomb is dropped it may be “necessary to get through to a neighboring town or some other location to seek assistance. With the highways knocked out, how is anyone going to get through? There is one answer: a motorcycle.” This picture was taken on January 2, 1954 of members of the Civil Defense motorcycle group standing in front of the local Harley Davidson dealership, Brush Cycle.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Honda RC166

The absolutely insane Honda RC166 6 cylinder 250cc racer. Grand Prix racing was dominated in this era by two strokes by Honda was largely the 4 stroke hold out. DOHC, 24-valve inline six-cylinder engine, the 250-class RC166 roared its way through six open megaphone exhaust pipes at 18,000 RPM. Crazy days.