Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ride365 Giveaway

Here's a tie in to my previous Ride365 post. You now have a chance to win a replica of one of the Ride365 factory Honda supported team bikes. Sign Up Here


One of the aspects I was most excited about when we decided to relocate to Seattle was the chance to regularly attend a Supercross race. We made it to two races and then Seattle was dropped from the race schedule. When the 2016 schedule was announced (and Seattle was not on it) I naturally pouted like a toddler. Since my wife, well... rules, she made all the arrangements more than 6 months ago to attend the Phoenix race. We finally made that trip this weekend.
The trip and race was absolutely amazing but my favorite part happened right in the beginning. Shortly after landing we hopped a shuttle to the rental car facility at PHX. We shared the shuttle with a group of people that appeared to be affiliated with one of the teams. As we made small talk one of the guys mentioned being Team Manager for the Ride365 team. He was a super friendly guy and ultimately offered to take us through team trailer. When we arrived at the track for the pit party we took him up on it. He took us through the entire trailer (a pretty generous move given the rider effectively live on it and have their stuff strewn about). The shop facility in the trailer is pretty amazing. The amount of parts they carry is quite impressive too. The team campaigns two 250cc riders but the probably carry parts for 6 bikes. We deliberately didn't take too many pictures but these photos of similar rigs give you an idea what they are like.
The trailer tour and all the people involved were incredibly cool. It was a generous offer and my whole family very much enjoyed it. Ride365 is a team made up of two Western Region 250 class riders, Kyle Peters #40 and Chase Marquier #212. The team is backed by the Honda factory and team coach/mentor Motocross legend Guy Cooper.

Needless to say we are now diehard fans. Both riders had fantastic starts in Phoenix and both made the main. I typically don't care all that much about the 250 LCQ's but having a rider you are cheering for in one changes it a bit. It's going to be fun routing for a couple of riders that don't have all media support some of the other guys have.

Thanks for hospitality Dayton Daft et al. We'll be definitely routing for you!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carl Williamson - 1957

Here's a little moral support for Flathead Rob. He is currently working on a motorcycle trailer built/owned by Fosberg Indian, an Indian dealer located in the Capitol Hill area in the 1940's. Rob, where's your boat windshield?
Carl Williamson - 1957
Fosberg Indian - 1946
I am absolutely obsessed with the dirt track pipes on Carl's bike. I'm still looking at ways to reproduce them.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Decay of Detroit

I was chatting with a former Detroit resident while waiting in line at at restaurant today. He was mentioning how dramatically Detroit is becoming a ghost town. Ironically I later got home and happened across this Weather Channel Secrets of Earth episode about how nature is reclaiming Detroit in an almost Chernobyl like fashion. It reminded me of the drone shot footage of the old Packard plant. If you didn't watch that footage when I posted it before I definite recommend checking it out.

These photos of the Packard plant and the Fisher Body plant shot by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre from their book “The Ruins of Detroit“ give you a good feel for what the video is like.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Crocker Hot Rod

In addition to Crocker's turn key motorcycle offering customers could buy the hemi-head engines alone for use in projects like midget racers. Pictured above is a 1939 engine #106 in a WWII era rigid Triumph single frame.

The Crocker 61c.i. made 50 hp. The factory "Race Kit" offered for the dramatically lighter all alloy Triumph 500's made 42 hp. Just like today it's sometimes hard to say if this conversion was more about performance or shock value. It's still pretty cool and quite a feat to shoehorn all that Crocker into a Triumph single frame. The full story of this bike is told in Vincent in the Barn for the truly inquisitive. The bike was reportedly spotted under a porch in Colorado by a utility meter reader.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Another fine Triumph related piece from GeordieBiker.

Happy Day's Leather Tuscadero (played by Suzi Quatro). I remember thinking as a prepubescent kid that skin-tight one piece leather jumpsuits were a pretty wonderful invention.
 I'd forgotten Suzi was a bassist. See... I told you bassists could be sex symbols.

Monday, February 1, 2016


This is easily the oddest image I've come across in quite a while. Obviously bikini bike washes are not what they used to be.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stakes His Claim

I spotted this over at GeordieBiker. Even if I wasn't both a Triumph fan and a "cat guy" this is a pretty damn cool piece of art.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Prime-time Pre-Unit

 I happened to catch this tattoo in passing on a prime-time reality TV show recently. It belongs to Erin Willett, a contestant on "The Voice" and "Biggest Loser." Granted, it's hardly newsworthy but it seems like unusual subject matter for a twenty-something woman. I wonder if there's a story behind it. 

Ran When Parked

1965 ESO Rickman Metisse - I love motocross and it has played some part in my entire life. That said, there aren't a lot of MX bikes that make me sappy from a vintage motorcycle perspective (obviously bikes my heroes rode like Bob Hannah's 1979 Yamaha YZ250 OW40 don't count). This bike is simply stunningly beautiful.